How To use USB Tethering on iPhone : iPhone USB Tethering

Hey friends if you are using iPhone and want to connect your phone to PC/Laptop and want to use mobile network in PC/Laptop then you are in good place, in this blog we are going to discuss about iPhone USB Tethering and How To use USB Tethering on iPhone.

How To use USB Tethering on iPhone

These kinds of techniques are not new, if you use Android you already know that it is so easy just connect wire to your phone and plug the wire into the USB port of the computer and turn on USB tethering on the Android device, your PC/Laptop will get internet through mobile device but iphone make it lengthy process First of all, you have to install iTunes application in your computer, after that you can connect your computer to the internet through USB.

USB Tethering on iPhone : iPhone USB Tethering

Step#1. First you need to have iTunes application Click here to download:

Step#2.Now click on install and follow the instructions and proceed to finish the installation.

Step#3. Now plug the USB wire between your iPhone and your computer’s USB port.

Step#4. now Tap the Settings on your iPhone.

Step#5.Now open the Personal Hotspot option and allow the computer to connect to the device by clicking “Trust this computer”

Step#6. Now toggle off Personal Hotspot to find the USB Only option.

Step#7. Now you have to go to on Networking Sharing Center, if you get the option of Apple Internet as given image below, it means that you can Share Internet connection with Your PC using USB.

How To use USB Tethering on iPhone

That’s all for this blog, thanks for the visit I hope this blog helped you and provided you a satisfied knowledge about how to use USB tethering on iPhone.


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