The 30 Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips You Must Know

WhatsApp is a famous mobile application mainly used for messaging, photos, videos and voice. It provides individual and group chats, video calls, voice calls and other facilities to the people. It is a secure platform with end to end encryption.

The Creators of WhatsApp app are updating WhatsApp app day by day so that it is more secure and user friendly and there will be many updates that you may not know about [ Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips ] so in this blog we will tell you about 30 best WhatsApp Tips and tricks for Whatsapp which can enhance your user experience of most popular messaging app

Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

30 Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

1#.Read messages without blue ticks: Disable read receipts in WhatsApp settings to read messages without notifying the sender.

2#.Hide last seen: You can control who can see your last seen status by adjusting the privacy settings.

3#.Pin important chats: Long-press a chat and select the pin icon to keep important chats at the top of your chat list.

4#mark messages as unread: Tap and hold a message, then select the “Mark as unread” option to highlight it.

5#.Reply to a specific message: Swipe right on a message and tap the reply icon to quote and reply to a specific message.

6#Star important messages: Tap and hold a message, then select the star icon to mark it as a favorite.

7#.Mute group chats: Select a group chat, tap the three-dot menu, and choose “Mute notifications” to silence a noisy group.

8#.Use WhatsApp Web: Access your WhatsApp account on a computer by scanning the QR code on

9#.Format text: Add asterisks around text to make it bold, underscores for italics, and tildes for strikethrough.

10#.Create shortcuts: Long-press a chat and select the three-dot menu to create a shortcut for that chat on your home screen.

Top 10 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

11#.Broadcast messages: Use the “New broadcast” feature to send the same message to multiple contacts without creating a group.

12#.Customize notifications: Adjust notification settings for individual chats by selecting “Custom notifications” in the chat settings.

13#.Use WhatsApp without a phone number: Install WhatsApp on a tablet using the TextNow app or other virtual phone number services.

14#.Quote replies in groups: Reply to a specific message in a group chat by swiping right on it and selecting the reply icon.

15#.Share your live location: Open a chat, tap the attachment icon, and choose “Location” to share your live location with a contact.

16#.Use WhatsApp as a note-taking app: Create a group with only yourself and use it to save notes, links, and reminders.

17#.Send animated GIFs: Tap the attachment icon, choose “Gallery,” and select the GIF option to send animated GIFs.

18#.Hide media from the gallery: Create a file named “.nomedia” in the WhatsApp images or videos folder to hide media from the gallery app.

19#.Search for messages: Use the search bar in the main chat list to find specific messages or chats quickly.

20#.Disable auto-download: Go to “Settings > Data and storage usage” and choose when to download media automatically or on Wi-Fi only.

Top 20 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

21#.Lock WhatsApp with a fingerprint: Enable fingerprint lock in WhatsApp settings to add an extra layer of security.

22#.Change the WhatsApp number: Go to “Settings > Account > Change number” to migrate your WhatsApp account to a new phone number.

23#.Use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone: Install WhatsApp Business alongside the regular WhatsApp to manage two accounts.

24#.Back up and restore chats: Go to “Settings > Chats > Chat backup” to back up your chats to Google Drive or iCloud and restore them when needed.

25#.Disable image compression: Send images without quality loss by sharing them as documents instead of photos.

26#.Add shortcuts to specific chats: Long-press a chat, tap the three-dot menu, and select “Add chat shortcut” to create a shortcut on your home screen.

27#.Share files from other apps: Open a file in another app, tap the share icon, and select WhatsApp to share it directly with a contact.

28#.Use WhatsApp in multiple languages: Change the language in WhatsApp settings to communicate in different languages with your contacts.

29#.Reply privately in a group: Tap and hold a message in a group chat, select the three-dot menu, and choose “Reply privately” to reply to someone individually.

30#.Archive chats: Swipe left on a chat and tap the archive icon to hide it from your main chat list without deleting it.

FAQs tips and tricks for whatsapp

Can I use WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously?

Currently, WhatsApp only supports one active device per account. However, you can connect your phone to WhatsApp Web or Desktop to access it on your computer.

How can I change my WhatsApp phone number?

You can change your WhatsApp phone number by going to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Change Number.

Is it possible to hide my online status on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp does not provide an official feature to hide your online status. However, you can disable the “Last Seen” feature in privacy settings to prevent others from seeing when you were last online.

How secure is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp uses end to end encryption to secure your messages and calls. This means that only you and the recipient can read or listen to the content of your conversations.


WhatsApp offers many features and functionalities that can greatly enhance your messaging experience. By following the 30 best tips and tricks provided in this article, you can become a WhatsApp power user and enjoy the full potential of this popular messaging app. So why wait? Start exploring the amazing features of WhatsApp today!

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